June 8, 2016

NP3 & Groninger Museum present winner YGA II, Esther de Graaf

June 11 – October 2, 2016
Branching Fields by Esther de Graaf
@ Groninger Museum – Coop Himmelb(l)au Pavilion

Young Grunn Artist
After years of short coaching residencies with substantive
support NP3 started in 2011 the one-year development 
coaching program for young talented artists of Groningen: 
Young Grunn Artist (YGA).  The YGA trajectory is an
extension to the current work practice of the artist, with
all the necessary support on content, business and
promotion to professionalize, to obtain the personal artistic
aims and the opportunity to gain the  necessary connection
to the (inter)national art world. Next to individual coaching,
the artists receive a personal work and development budget
to create new work or hire expertise, to network with art
professionals, take part in a short international exchange
program, or make a short working trip to an artistic and
cultural metropolis.

In the second edition, YGA II, NP3 and the
Groninger Museum decided to collaborate in the
long-term development program for young
talented artists of Groningen. Together they
search for the artist who is ready for the next
step in his/her career, an exhibition in the
Groninger Museum! From over 40 submissions three
artists were selected for the YGA II trajectory: 
Esther de Graaf, Berndnaut Smilde and Adri Schokker.

In May 2014 NP3 and the Groninger Museum
announced the winner of Young Grunn Artist II: 
Esther de Graaf. 

Branching Fields – Esther de Graaf
De Graaf makes extremely vulnerable, fragile and
temporary sculptures out of cheap everyday materials
such as cardboard, wire, tape and cellophane, which
she transforms into extraordinary constructions that
evoke an almost physical empathy. On the occasion
of this exhibition, De Graaf created works of art in
response to the interior of the Coop Himmelb(l)au

Photo: exhibition CELLS of Esther de Graaf at M0Bi, 2012